• 01. All Directions (Brainshaped Universe)

  • 02. Spheres (Part 2)

  • 03. Everything is Happening at the Same Time,                   All the Time

  • 04. Only Matter

  • 05. VY Canis Majoris

  • 06. Long Far Distant

  • 07. Cosmic Ocean

  • 08. Merging of Substances

  • 09. Outside this World                                                                        
  • 10. Transexistential Perspectives
  • All Music Written and Produced by Olivér Dombi.
  • 01. The Communication System between                   Civilizations of the Universe

  • 02. Empty Galaxies

  • 03. The Birth of the Solar System

  • 04. Water from another Plane

  • 05. Kettoscsillag

  • 06. Nap

  • 07. Silent World

  • 08. Az Univerzum szele fele

  • All Music Written and Produced by Olivér Dombi.

Discography                       Publisher/Label

BIOSPACE                          ADX RECORDS
COSMIC OCEAN                      PLUSQUAM
ELLIPSIS                          ADX RECORDS
CONSISTENCY                           BATENIM             
ELEMENTS OF THE WORLD             BATENIM           
ONLY UNIVERSE                     GALILEO DREAMS                                 THE SOUNDPICTURE       AMBIENT PLANET                               KOLCSONHATAS               ADX RECORDS                                   ETERNAL DISTANCE            AMBIENT PLANET                     NASCENT PLANETS          AMBIENT PLANET                                      ALL THE TIME (LP)              SPOTTED PECCARY


In an endless  space, the boundaries of time  do not exist. Infinitely small and immeasurably vast are one in the same; and everything is happening at the same time, all the time. These are the thoughts that constantly run through the mind of Transylvania-based soundscape artist Oliver Dombi, whose cyber-space ambient music project, Csillagköd, expresses these concepts through a combination of music and soundcurrents that are steeped in wonder and curiosity on his second project for the Spotted Peccary label, ALL THE TIME.
"Silent World" is a highly accomplished album reaching magnificent harmony between the darker, monumentally expansive and mysteriously unfathomable abyssal nothingness, and lighter, sublimely heartwarming and tranquilly contemplative celestial realms. Cybernetic hums, masterfully percolated with remote dissonances, are stirringly counterpointed with elatedly inviting and gracefully wide-screen panoramas and intricately polished airy subtleties and organic fragments. Deep space voyaging at its most awe-inspiring, fascinating and immersing!!! Promo Text Written by Richard Gürtler (April 2014)

ADX Records since 2006, Spotted Peccary, a 25 years old label, Plusquam more then 10 years, Spiritech since 2011, Galileo Dreams launched in 2013, and batenim a 2 yrs old netlabel. Ambient Planet is a newborn label.

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